Here is a list of things to look for if you are trying to choose the best network marketing company for you. Keep in mind that the company I choose may not be right for you, but this list is generic and should help you keep things in perspective. It’s a list I made based on my experience inside several network marketing companies over the last few years. I hope it helps you clarify what you are looking for.

1. Products you would buy regardless of if there is a business opportunity.

If you would order your mlm company products even if there was not opportunity attached, it’s an indication that you will be able stick with it. It means the cost is not an ‘out of pocket’ expense because you would be buying them anyway. And if you would buy them, then others probably would too and that means customer reorders. Having products that you want, as opposed to being obliged to purchase them is a key factor to consider when choosing the best network marketing company for you.

2. Reasonable Autoship

Most network marketing companies have only one criteria for distributors and that is to order some personal products on a monthly basis. Some companies require as much as $160 per  month in order to be eligible for commissions. While that’s not a high cost to run a traditional brick and mortar business, it is high for network marketing …especially for customers or for distributors who aren’t making money yet. A monthly autoship less than $100/month including all shipping and taxes is a more reasonable cost to run your business.

3. A strong team who knows how to market

Although your success will depend on YOU …who you work with really does matter. Most people teach you to make a list of your friends and family to market your business. But unless you enjoy doing home parties, this method is not very effective because your friends and family are not your best prospects. It’s much better to surround yourself with people who know how to market effectively and learn how to get in front of people who are actively looking for a business. Which brings me to the next point…

4. Ability to market on the internet

Believe it or not, there are network marketing companies who do not allow you to market on the internet. But being able to market using technology is extremely powerful when done right. Spamming your link on facebook is not a good way to promote your mlm company. But if you know how to set up a funnel for your business where people who WANT more information put their name and email in a form, then you can follow up with them personally and help them get started. It’s way easier to help someone get started in network marketing who has asked you to help them than it is to convince a family member to buy your product and sign up to get discounts.

5. International presence

If you choose a network marketing company that is international, you can literally build a ‘work from anywhere’ business that you can run whereever there is an internet connection. That’s what I do. Make make sure your company allows cross border sponsoring. Some companies are open in several countries but you can only sponsor in your own country. That just doesn’t make sense to me. You should be able to market globally and sponsor globally

6. Integrity

Have a look at the people behind your company. See who they are, what their vision is, and how they are giving back. It is nice to support a company that is giving back to a good cause.

7. Timing

The ideal time to join a network marketing company is after it’s initial startup year (avoid pre-launches) but while it is still approaching or just hitting ‘momentum’. Joining a company at the right time can sometimes make a huge difference to your mlm success. That being said, what you do with any opportunity is up to you. You can do well in any company if you apply yourself. It just gives you an extra edge if you get the timing right.

8. Compensation Plan

There are a few different MLM compensation plans and it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the plan your company offers, just so you understand where your money is coming from. Not all compensation plans are as lucrative as others, but on the other hand, if you spend too much time analyzing, you may never get started. Two things to consider are how much you get paid up front when you sponsor people, and how you earn residual commissions when people reorder. You should have a nice balance of both so that you can make money now and leverage your efforts over time.



Last year, I started a Facebook Page called Work From Anywhere Family for people like me who see the value in using the internet to create extra income streams. My long term goal is to create a full time income using the internet so that I can travel more with my kids and have the freedom to work from anywhere, buy organic food, and help my mom and my sister financially.

I’ve been online for a few years, and my vision has always been the same. But the way I was doing it was not working.

So one day, I said “enough is enough”. I don’t care what it takes, I am going to start living my dream life NOW.

I made a promise to myself that day that I would take at least one good vacation a year with my family. I saw the years slipping by and my kids growing up, and when push comes to shove, if you really want something, just do it.

That year, I booked an all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic and it was WONDERFUL. My kids still talk about it.

The next year, we went to Japan for my son’s karate tournament for three weeks and again… memories that will last a lifetime and worth every single penny.

This year, we returned to Japan, but for the whole winter season. When we were there the first time, we reconnected with an old friend who owns the Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba (the heart of the Japanese Alps), and to make a long story short …we opted for a ‘living local’ adventure this time instead of a shorter vacation.

We lived in and managed the staff accommodation for my friend which was an experience in itself for my kids. There were the 4 of us and then 25 twenty-something year olds, who were all really amazing and adventurous people. Great roles models. We also helped in the organic, vegan cafe that my friend owns, which was at the base of the lifts and next to our main office.

Between helping out, we hit the slopes and home-school, and life was simple and fun. We were doing things and that is so much more rewarding than having things.

This year, we are thinking about somewhere warm …perhaps Mexico or even Florida. My kids really want to check out Florida and that’s fine with me. Although I am loving the skiing in Japan, I am a beach person at heart.

The funny part is once I started DOING the things I love, my internet business took off. Looking back, it makes sense. You can’t build something unless you are actively involved.

In Japan, I worked my internet business for less than an hour a day, and I did better than when I was trying to do it from living room because people wanted to create that same freedom and do what I was doing. It proves that if you just DO what you love now, you will attract like-minded people.

So my message is not to wait for your circumstances to change before you start living how you want. There is ALWAYS a way to make things happen, no matter what your financial or physical situation may be. And there are a lot of options for anyone to create an extra income stream with today’s technology and really work from anywhere.

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