bec-jan2014Last year, I started a Facebook Page called Work From Anywhere Family because ultimately, that's what I want to do. My long term goal is to create an income using the internet so that I can travel more with my kids and have the freedom to work from anywhere.

I've been online for a few years, and my goal was always to make some extra money from home and my reason has always been to spend more time with my kids and travel. But in actual fact, I wasn't traveling much. And it got frustrating because I kept waiting for my present situation to change before I did what I wanted.

So one day, I said "enough is enough". I don't care what it takes, I am going to start living my dream life NOW.

I made a promise to myself that day that I would take at least one good vacation a year with my family. I saw the years slipping by and my kids growing up, and when push comes to shove, if you really want something, just do it.

That year, I booked an all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic and it was WONDERFUL. My kids still talk about it.

The next year, we went to Japan for my son's karate tournament for three weeks and again… memories that will last a lifetime and worth every single penny.

This year, we happen to be in Japan again, but for a good three months. When we were here last summer, we reconnected with a friend who owns the Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba (the heart of the Japanese Alps), and to make a long story short …we opted for a 'living local' adventure this time instead of a shorter vacation.

We are living in and managing the staff accommodation here which is an experience in itself for my kids. There are the 4 of us and then 18 twenty-something year olds, who are all really amazing and adventurous people. Great roles models. We are also helping in the organic, vegan cafe here that my friend also owns, which is at the base of the lifts and next to our main office.

Between helping out, we hit the slopes and home-school, and life is good. We are living simply but that's how I like it. Doing things is so much more rewarding to me than having things.

Next year, we'll probably head somewhere hot like Costa Rica or the Caribbean for a month or two and rent a house near the beach and home-school again. Although I am loving the skiing in Japan, I'm a beach person at heart.

The funny part is once I started DOING the things I love, my internet business took off. Looking back, it makes sense. You can't build something unless you are actively involved.

Now that I am in Japan, I work my internet business less than an hour a day, and I am doing better with it now than I have ever done before. In fact, another $49 came through last night while I was asleep:)

So I guess my message is not to wait for your circumstances to change before you start living how you want. There is ALWAYS a way to make things happen, no matter what your financial or physical situation may be. And there are a lot of options for anyone to create an extra income stream with today's technology and really work from anywhere.


“Mommy How Do I Become Rich?”

by admin on April 19, 2014

This morning my daughter asked how to become rich.

reading-get-richThe first words out of my mouth were "Read lots." It's the first thing that came to mind when I thought about what rich people have in common. They all have big libraries and they are usually avid readers.

At first my daughter thought it was a trick and said "You just want to make me read more!" but I explained to her what I said was true. I told her to look at anybody rich and most likely, they would have read lots of books, which made them smarter, and thus …they have become rich.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt my answer was a good one. I mean, I could have told her to invest in silver or to create a business plan or all kinds of things, but the fundamental of any rich person comes down to having enough knowledge in your head to do know what to do in order to get rich. If you read (the right books), you expand your mind and that can lead to all kinds of positive results.

In fact, I started thinking about the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, and realized that it could actually have been called Read and Grow Rich instead. Because reading leads to bigger, more positive thoughts. And while it's true that the way you think affects your life, it is necessary to create the right thoughts to begin with.

The mind is like a wild animal and if you aren't consciously putting positive thoughts into it, and consciously deciding to make the right choices, it will lapse into laziness and old habits faster than you realize.

Besides, reading can make you rich in more ways than just money. It fills your head with knowledge and is a relaxing past time. I am trying to help my kids develop a love for reading now so they are book lovers in the future.

I always try to read (or something listen to) at least 20-30 minutes of day of something that will either teach me something or help me create a positive mindset. When I do it before bed, I wake up feeling energized, and when I do it in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

In a age of technology, where iphones and wii systems are the norm in after school activities, I think it's really important to get kids away from their screens and reading as much as possible.


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